Revealed: U.K. Labour Leader Was

Member of Antisemitic Facebook Group


In a not-so-shocking revelation, U.K. Labour party leader Jeremny Corbyn has been exposed as a member of an antisemitic Facebook group.

The Times of Israel reports that the group, called Palestine Live, trafficked in antisemitic conspiracy theories, Holocaust denial, neo-Nazism, articles by antisemites like David Duke, and defamatory language like "ZioNazi" and "JewNazi."

In a typical comment, a post on the group urges members to read Mein Kampf, saying, "Everybody should be forced to read it, especially Jews who have their own agenda as to why they were not liked."

Corbyn was apparently active on the group, posting stories and interacting with other members.

The Labour leader reportedly left the group in 2015, exactly when he seized leadership of the party.

Since Corbyn became leader, Labour has been wracked by one antisemitic scandal after another, indicating the takeover of the party by Leftwing racists.

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