Antisemite Corbyn Decries BBC Bias Toward Israel's 'Right to Exist'


Antisemitic Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn was caught in yet another antisemitism scandal on Wednesday, with a video revealing that he rejects Israel's right to exist.

"I think there is a bias towards saying that Israel is a democracy in the Middle East, Israel has a right to exist, Israel has its security concerns," Corbyn says of the BBC on the video.

The statement was made in a 2011 interview with Iranian propaganda network PressTV in which he also cited an alleged Israeli conspiracy to control press coverage of the Jewish state.

"There seems to be a great deal of pressure on the BBC from the Israeli government, from the Israeli embassy, and they are very assertive towards all journalists and toward the BBC itself. They challenge every single thing on reporting the whole time," Corbyn stated.

The BBC is notorious for its anti-Israel bias.

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