Corbyn to English Jews: Don't Worry, It'll Be Okay!

Conservative Chairman: Jews Will Leave If Corbyn Elected


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn assured English Jews on Sunday that they have nothing to worry about if he becomes prime minister.

“Anti-Semitism and racism is an evil within our society. I’ve done everything to confront it throughout my life, and will always do so,” Corbyn told the Guardian newspaper.

For instance, that time when he praised a mural that depicted Jews in gross caricatures. Or that other time when he participated in a wreath laying ceremony at the grave of a dead terrorist. Corbyn also wrote a foreword to a book that claims Jews control the world's financial system.

Recent polls show that just 7 percent of British Jews would consider voting for Labour, which has been plagued by antisemitism since Corbyn's rise to power.

Conservative party chairman Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly strongly disagreed with Corbyn's claim.

"A number of my Jewish friends told me that if this man gets in to government, they will get out of here and go and live with their families in other countries," he said.

Fortunately, the Conservative party is currently leading in the polls by double digits, though this could of course change as the campaign gets underway.

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