Analysis: China Values Ties With Iran Over Israel


China's new 25-year trade agreement with Iran reveals that Beijing cares more about its future relations with Tehran than Jerusalem.

Iran is 75 times larger than Israel, supplies China cheap oil, and is better positioned to carry out Beijing's Road and Belt initiative. In reaction, Israel must carefully weigh China's growing power in the Middle East and its longstanding relations with the United States, its greatest ally, write Jacob Nagel and Mark Dubowitz from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Israeli strategic planners may be tempted by the idea that China-Israel economic ties could offset Beijing’s growing partnership with Tehran. That is a delusion. The CCP will acquire everything it can from both Israel and Iran without fear or favor. And, if forced to choose, it will choose the Islamic Republic.

... As Israel demonstrates to Washington that it is committed to decoupling from China, there will be even greater opportunities for the two countries to cooperate. Technology, military, intelligence and political cooperation will only deepen. American and Israeli free market ingenuity will outpace anything that China’s state-run authoritarian model can produce. With the Chinese joining hands with Israel’s most dangerous enemies in Iran, Israel has no choice other than to draw closer to its best friend and to keep a distance from its best friend’s biggest rival.

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