John Bolton Is Exactly What Trump's Iran Policy Needs


For Democrats, National Security Advisor John Bolton is the bogeyman pushing President Trump to war with Iran.

But that's nonsense, writes Eli Lake at Bloomberg. The American policy is to avoid war with Iran but at the same time build crippling sanctions, force the regime to end its nuclear weapons program, and stop its Mideast expansion.

Biden is playing his cards well, Lake writes, scaring the Iranians just enough to keep them in line.

When Iran believes the U.S. will use force ... it backs off. Iran has not mined the Persian Gulf, despite occasional threats to do so, because the U.S demonstrated three decades ago that it will destroy the Iranian navy if it tries.

This is where Bolton comes in: He’s kind of a one-man psychological warfare operation. If Iran’s leaders believe Trump’s advisers are trying to constrain him, they may assess they can get away with a proxy attack on U.S. positions. If they think Trump is trying to constrain his national security adviser, they may decide not to.

So, rather than encourage war, Bolton's strong stance is preventing it -- for the time being at least.

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