Blood Libel 2022

Why is the PA refusing to turn over bullet that killed Al Jazeera journalist?

Expert: Israel has won the diplomatic war over the incident


After all, if the bullet conclusively showed that Israeli troops mistakenly shot Shireen Abu Akleh, wouldn't the Palestinian Authority rush to provide the evidence?

Rather, logic dictates that either the PA knows armed Palestinians shot the reporter or that the bullet can offer no firm proof of who did. An autopsy conducted by the PA showed Abu Akleh was not shot at close range, indicating that she was not deliberately targeted.

Israel has offered to participate in a transparent joint investigation, but the PA has also refused this request.

A funeral for Abu Akleh will be conducted today at PA headquarters in Ramallah, a further indication that the Palestinian government seeks to exploit the journalist's death for full propaganda value.

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One expert, however, says that Israel has already won the diplomatic, if not the media, war against Palestinian lies.

Writing at Israel Hayom, Ariel Kahana said,

Israel on Wednesday avoided the same trap of Arab propaganda and didn't admit that our soldiers were the ones who killed Abu Akleh. Moreover: At 8 a.m., just one hour after her death, the IDF Spokesperson had already issued a statement whereby, apparently, the Palestinians themselves murdered her in the midst of the gunfight. By 9 a.m. his words had been translated to Arabic and English and sent to international news outlets and foreign reporters. At the same time, a video was released intended to support the Israeli claim.

The swiftness of the response was critical.

The efforts of Israeli spokespeople bore fruit: By 12 noon, most of the major news outlets in the world had already highlighted the Israeli position. It wasn't the headline, but Israel's doubts regarding the Palestinian version of events were at least given expression.

In the more important diplomatic arena, where facts and evidence are largely prioritized, Israel had the upper hand. No serious country came out in condemnation of Israel.

In particular, writes Kahana, major Arab states like Egypt and Jordan did not pounce on Israel after the incident, and most importantly, the US only called for an investigation, which Israel has also endorsed.

“The conclusion is that we lost in the international media arena, but only there and only temporarily. In terms of the diplomatic arena, an Israeli official summarized succinctly: ‘There's no crisis.’ That's what's important,” he concludes.

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