Blast at Parchin Latest Setback for Iran


Last Friday's blast at the Parchin nuclear complex outside of Iran rattled building 12 miles away. The Iranian government blamed a "gas leak" but international observers doubt that claim, writes Oded Granot at Israel Hayom.

Was it a work accident? Or was it, perhaps, an attack from afar? Israel hasn't officially been blamed yet, but an Iranian official already tweeted that if it was an Israeli cyberattack, Israel could expect an appropriate response.

...More than a few mysterious malfunctions have plagued Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile facilities since another large explosion, nine years ago, rocked a missile site near Tehran, killing close to 20 senior IRGC officials. Most of these malfunctions have not been reasonably explained by the regime.

Whatever the cause, the blast comes as Iran is battling international sanctions, the coronavirus pandemic, and increased international isolation. Iran is still dangerous, but it is weaker today than one year ago.

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