Bibi: No Iranian Dominance in Southern Syria


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the cabinet on Sunday that Israel will not allow Iranian dominance of southern Syria following a new ceasefire, Haaretz reported.

The newly brokered ceasefire, supported by Russia and the U.S., applies to southwestern Syria near the Israeli border.

Israel fears that Iran will seize control of the area and use it to launch attacks on Israel.

"Israel would welcome a true cease-fire in Syria," Netanyahu said at the weekly cabinet meeting, "but this truce cannot allow Iran and its satellites to establish themselves militarily in Syria in general, and in southern Syria in particular."

Netanyahu said Israel has been engaged in intense diplomatic efforts to ensure its interests are protected.

"Last week I have held intensive discussions over the matter with Secretary of State Tillerson and Russian President Vladimir Putin," he said. "They both told me they understand Israel's positions and will take our demands into account."

According to Haaretz, "Israel's red lines include preventing Hezbollah from obtaining weapons via Syria and positioning itself on Israel's border, as well as barring Iranian forces from establishing military presence across Syria."

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