Bibi Rides High in the Polls


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is riding in high in two recent polls, YNet reported.

The polls, conducted yesterday after Avi Gabbay won the leadership of the opposition Labor Party, show the PM well ahead of Gabbay and other rivals such as Yair Lapid of the Yesh Atid party.

The first poll, conducted by Israel's Channel 2 television, showed Netanyahu's Likud winning 24 Knesset seats as opposed to the Zionist Union with 20.

Yesh Atid would fall to 18 and Netanyahu rival Naftali Bennett's Jewish party only 13.

Netanyahu fared even better in a Channel 10 poll released at the same time, receiving 29 Knesset seats to Gabbay's 24.

The other parties' numbers remained largely the same.

Netanyahu also won out when pollsters asked who was most suited to be prime minister with 51 percent of those polled supporting him.

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