Bibi in Trouble?

Poll Shows Support for Likud Tumbling


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be in political trouble as support for his Likud party plunges in the face of the massive resurgence of the coronavirus.

The Jerusalem Post reports of a new poll:

While the party was projected to win 41 seats in a poll conducted on May 27, Likud has since plummeted in the polls with a new poll released on Wednesday showing the party winning only 31 seats.

Blue and White and Yesh Atid would win a total of 29 seats, with Blue and White winning 10 seats and Yesh Atid rising to 19 seats.

The Joint List would get stronger, according to the poll, winning a total of 16 seats, followed by Yamina with 13 seats and Yisrael Beytenu with nine seats. The Haredi parties would remain about the same with Shas winning nine seats and UTJ winning seven seats. Meretz would be the smallest party with seven seats.

While Netanyahu is still ahead of his rivals, he would gain only 60 seats for a right-religious coalition, leaving him dependent on the centrist opposition.

While his initial efforts against the corona pandemic gained widespread approval, his efforts to combat the second wave have been seen as ineffectual.

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