Bibi: I'll Annex West Bank Settlements


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated explicitly for the first time that he will annex the West Bank settlements, including isolated outposts.

According to the Times of Israel, Netanyahu was asked about annexation in a television interview and replied, "Who says we won’t do that? We’re on the way…. The next term will be fateful."

"I am going to apply Israeli sovereignty," he added, "but I don’t distinguish between settlement blocs and isolated settlements. From my perspective, each of those settlement points is Israeli. We have responsibility [for them] as the government of Israel."

"I don’t uproot any, and I won’t transfer them to the sovereignty of the Palestinians. I take care of them all,” he said.

Sources described as close to Netanyahu confirmed this, saying the prime minister is "more ready than ever" to annex the settlements.

Netanyahu believes that President Donald Trump "would give him backing and legitimization to annex or extend Israeli law to all West Bank settlements or at least some of the blocs."

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