Menachem Begin's Son Abandons Likud Over 'Cameras Bill'


In a shocking move, Menachem Begin's son Benny has abandoned his father's Likud party over the so-called "cameras bill," the Times of Israel reports.

The bill would require video cameras in voting booths during the September 17 elections.

Despite the attorney general's opposition, the bill was unanimously approved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet, sending it to the Knesset for a vote.

The bill has been widely criticized as an attempt at voter intimidation.

The cabinet, said Begin, was thinking, "We know that we are about to do something illegal by force, using the majority we have in the Knesset."

"Traditionally, the attorney general is the one who outlines the constitutional tradition," he said. "The government is subject to his constitutional advice. To disregard the attorney general’s advice is a grave phenomenon."

"There is no escaping the conclusion that it constituted blatant and gross disregard for the officers in charge of good governance," he added, calling it "a haughty and dangerous approach."

Begin said he would not vote for Likud in the upcoming elections, saying that doing so is "impossible."

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