Bennett Takes Swipe at Netanyahu, Says Israel Must Take Initiative Against Iran


Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Israel will not remain bound by any new nuclear agreement with Iran and promised that Jerusalem will be more aggressive in its war against its main enemy.

Speaking at the Reichmann University conference, Bennett also implicitly criticized former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, saying that Israel "fell asleep" after the signing of the 2015 JCPOA.

“The mistake we made after the first nuclear deal in 2015 will not repeat itself,” said Bennett. “With all the noise beforehand, from the moment the deal was signed, it affected us like a sleeping pill. Israel simply fell asleep on duty. We occupied ourselves with other things.”

Upon taking office, Bennett said he was shocked by the gap between the rhetoric against Iran and Israel's preparation to take action. He added that it was a strategic mistake for Israel to allow Iran to gain a foothold in Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza, and that his government will focus on defeating the Islamic Republic itself and not its proxies.

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