Bennett Asks Poland to Deny Entry to Notorious Holocaust Denier


Israel's Education Minister Naftali Bennett has asked the Polish government to deny entry to a notorious Holocaust denier.

David Irving, a self-described fascist and perhaps the most famous denier in the world, is set to conduct a series of tours that will visit the sites of Nazi death camps in Poland.

According to the Times of Israel, Bennett wrote to Poland’s ambassador to Israel, Marek Magierowski, saying, "Given Irving’s record of abhorrent statements and outright lies about the history of the Holocaust, it is quite clear that he intends to use this opportunity to spread further falsehoods and vitriolic narrative."

"In so doing, he will doubtless cause deep offense to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and to all the Jewish people, as well as stoke the already raging fire of hatred and anti-Semitism we are witnessing around the world today," Bennett added.

"I therefore respectfully request that the Government of Poland make it quite clear that Irving and his party will not be granted access to your country, and certainly not to the camps and other sites of memorial to the millions of my people who were murdered in that dark period of history," he concluded.

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