Assad Apes the Nazis

U.S.: Syria using crematoria to dispose of prisoners

Russia, Iran supporting regime


In a shocking development, the U.S. said Monday that Syria is building crematorium to dispose of its executed prisoners.

If true, that practice would hearken to the darkest days of Nazi Europe, when the Germans disposed of bodies at concentration camps.

And this is all happening with the complicit approval of Russia and Iran, the U.S. says.

“What we’re assessing is that if you have that level of production of mass murder, then using the crematorium would allow the regime to manage that number of corpses without evidence,” said aid acting assistant secretary of state Stuart Jones. “We believe that the building of a crematorium is an effort to cover up the extent of mass murders taking place in Sednaya prison.”

Jones added:

“These atrocities have been carried out seemingly with the unconditional support from Russia and Iran.”

More than 400,000 people have died in the Syrian civil war and about 11 million have been displaced.

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