Racist U.K. Artists Try to Bully BBC Over Eurovision in Israel


A group of racist British artists issued an open letter demanding the BBC push for moving this year's Eurovision contest to a location other than Israel.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the petition, largely composed of has-beens and obscure local artists, demanded the BBC "press for Eurovision to be relocated to a country where crimes against that freedom are not being committed."

The most prominent signatories to the petition are once-famous musicians Roger Waters and Peter Gabriel, retired actress Julie Christie, who has not had a hit since the 1970s, and leftist art-house directors Mike Leigh and Ken Loach.

The text notes that Eurovision "chose Tel Aviv as the venue over occupied Jerusalem – but this does nothing to protect Palestinians from land theft, evictions, shootings, beatings and more by Israel’s security forces."

Tel Aviv was chosen to host this year's Eurovision after Israeli Netta Barzilai won last year's competition with the hit song "Toy".

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