P.A. Pushing for Arab-Jewish Political Alliance Ahead of New Elections


The Palestinian Authority is pushing far-left Israeli parties to form an alliance with Arab parties as a way of promoting the Palestinian position in the Israeli political system.

Haaretz reports that members of the P.A. have contacted Arab-Israeli politicians in order to recruit them.

Taibeh Mayor Shuaa Mansour confirmed that members of the PA committee had asked him whether he’d be interested in running as part of a new Jewish-Arab party. He added that he has been invited to discussions of the issue that are slated to take place in Ramallah as well as in Israeli spots such as Givat Haviva.

Further, the P.A. wishes to infiltrate the Meretz party, which represents the far left.

A well-known Arab academic and political activist, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of damaging his ties with Ramallah, also said he has been involved in the talks. His impression is that the Palestinians are more interested in strengthening Meretz than in bolstering the Arab parties.

The P.A. officially denies any interest in Israeli politics.

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