The Appeasement Administration?

Sources report that Kerry has contacted Iran for talks, U.S. is 'changing its approach'


There were worrying signs on Monday that the U.S. is abandoning any attempt to confront Iran over its nuclear program, and instead has chosen a path of long-term appeasement.

One report in the Israel's Maariv paper indicated that John Kerry, the new secretary of state, "has been trying to set up a meeting with his Iranian counterpart,  Al Akbar Salehi." The U.S. begging for talks with the Iranians is not a good sign of resolve.

At the same time, Algemeiner reports that an Iraqi politician has said that "There is a plan for President Obama to visit Tehran." The purpose of the visit would be to formalize a policy of containment, and would accept a nuclear Iran as a fact of life.

At least one Iranian official seems to think the reports are accurate, however: Foreign Minister Salehi himself. Ynet reports that, on Monday, he commented on an offer of talks by Vice President Joe Biden by saying,

I am optimistic, I feel this new administration is really this time seeking to at least divert from its previous traditional approach vis-a-vis my country."

Let's hope not.

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