New Antisemitism at the New School


Phyllis Chesler, an academic and alumna of the New School of Social Research of New York, asks why the school has invited pronounced Israel critics to participate in a panel about antisemitism.

The panelists include a Palestinian activist and the leader of Jewish Voice for Peace, which has been labeled an anti-Israel hate group. The school says the panel will discuss how anti-Israel activism has wrongly been labeled antisemitism. Chesler smells a rat:

The description of the panel tells us: “Antisemitism is harmful and real. But when Antisemitism is redefined as criticism of Israel, critics of Israeli policy become accused and targeted more than the growing far-right. Join us for a discussion on how to combat Antisemitism today.”

More targeted than the far-right? Really? Poor babies. Words almost fail me given their self-serving bid for victim status even as they themselves are the aggressors who maliciously conflate anti-Semitism, which they practice, with “criticism of Israel,” as if the all-powerful Jewish Lobby is now threatening to shut down even the most innocent “criticism” of its actions. The canard is so transparent that it’s amazing to think that educated people believe it. But being educated has never proved to be a bar against being anti-Semitic, or being a camp follower or appeaser of haters.

Read the entire piece at Tablet.

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