Anti-Bibi Protests Gaining Momentum


The “Black Flag” protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to be gaining momentum at the end of this week, with a thousand people demonstrating in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Post reports,

The crowd had a mix of young and older people, some carrying back flags and some Israeli flags. There were very few kippot. One protester carried a sign that said in Hebrew “Netanyahu the convict” and in English “Let my people go.”

Organizers of the demonstrations said their protests would escalate on Saturday night and that thousands more would attend a mass demonstration. There will also be demonstrations against Netanyahu over the weekend near his private residence in Caesarea.

Large police forces – including special counterterror units – were deployed around the Paris Square area where the protests are held. Earlier in the day, police installed cameras on traffic light poles along the nearby streets.

At the same time, the right is pushing back, with members of the far-right “La Familia” group attacking media and a Muslim passer-by close to the protest.

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