Why Is the ADL Downplaying Leftist Antisemitism?


It's become obvious that the ADL is shilling for the left.

That becomes even more obvious when the organization tackles its primary issue, fighting antisemitism.

In that case, Jason Greenblatt, ADL's leader, has found no shortage of outrage for the antisemitism that has supposedly accompanied the ascension of the Trump administration. There are white supremacists everywhere. But when it comees to condemning obvious left-wing, "progressive" antisemitism, Greenblatt falls short.

That's the argument of Ran Baratz, writing at Mida. Greenblatt runs into a problem when he is forced to confront a blatant antisemite like Linda Sarsour, the Palestinian leftist who recently called for "jihad" in the United States. In the case of Sarsour and her cronies, Greenblatt wrote recently

We are duty bound to raise our voice … even as we fight alongside other groups on issues of mutual concern … we will forcefully denounce those who would slander our community and resort to stereotypes.

In other words, Greenblatt advocates partnering with antisemites but denouncing their antisemitism. That would be like the Republican party supporting David Duke as a candidate but denouncing his white supremacy. Obviously, that wouldn't fly on MSNBC.

But for Greenblatt, loathe to alienate the "progressives" in his coalition, it's the only choice he's got. And in making that choice, he's compromised the mission of the ADL.

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