ADL Slams Bibi's Campaign for 'Vilifying' Arabs


In an unprecedented move, the ADL slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's campaign for "vilifying" Arab politicians and by extension Israel's Arab minority.

Without specifically naming Netanyahu, director of the ADL's Israel office said, "The role of Arab parties in the Israeli Knesset is increasingly emerging as a key wedge of the current election campaign, with several party leaders and politicians vowing not to include them in any future coalition, while accusing their political foes of a willingness to do so."

“In some cases, even the distinction between Arab parties and the Arab population is blurred and these parties are simply referred to as ‘the Arabs,'" she continued.

"We urge all Israeli politicians to exercise caution in their choice of words. Stereotyping and stigmatizing Israeli Arabs is unacceptable and immoral. Such rhetoric has no place in the Knesset," said the statement.

Netanyahu's campaign has claimed that the left is collaborating with the Arab parties to prevent a right-wing government.

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