The Day After: UAE and Bahrain Are Now More Pro-Israel Than Europe


As a result of the Abraham Accords signed on Tuesday, two Arab countries are now to the left of Europe on the subject of Israel.

As Raphael Aren points out at the Times of Israel, the agreement signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain make no specific mention of final borders for any future peace deal with the Palestinians. The agreement also does not mention the status of Jerusalem or any resettlement of refugees. In the case of Bahrain, regarded as a close ally of Saudi Arabia, the text reads:

The parties discussed their shared commitment to advancing peace and security in the Middle East, stressing the importance of embracing the vision of the Abraham Accords, widening the circle of peace, recognizing each state’s right to sovereignty and to live in peace and security, and continuing the efforts to achieve a just, comprehensive, and enduring resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

And that's it. As Aren points out, the European Union on the other hand, never misses an opportunity to label Israel's presence in the West Bank as illegal and affirm the Palestinian "right" to a capital in Jerusalem.

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